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How much truck do you need? Generally, you should allow 150 cubic feet of truck space for each fully furnished room. Use this truck size chart to select the right truck for your needs

Truck sizes we have

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At Penske, our rental rates are fair with no hidden charges, no excessive mileage fees and no abbreviated time periods. No surprises. The rate we quote is the rate you pay.


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We want our customers to leave satisfied with the auto repair services they receive.

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(Perfect for small moves or large purchases)

(The right size for moving a 1-3 bedroom home)

(Typically the right size for an efficiency or

1-bedroom apartment)

(Good size for moving a dorm or efficiency appartment)

(Our largest consumer rental truck provides

enough space for moving a 3-5 bedroom home)

  • Bulk items - 1 Room = Panel Van

  • 1-2 Rooms = 12' truck = 450 cubic feet

  • 2-3 Rooms = 16' truck = 800 cubic feet

  • 3-5 Rooms = 22' truck = 1,200 cubic feet

  • 5-7 Rooms = 26' truck = 1,400 cubic feet.

No surprise pricing